Visiting Places in TRICHY

1. Bharathidasan University

[ The University ested in February 1982 is named after the great revolutionary Tamil poet,Bharathidasan. The motto of the University is " We will create a brave new world " ]

2. National Institute of Technology - NIT

[ Formaly known as REC , It is one of the famous NIT located in Trichy. They offer Courses in BE,B.Tech,ME,M.Phil, M.Tech. Etc ]

3. Rock-Fort Temple

[ It is a big and Famous Ganesh Temple,It is located in the Herat of the city. Fully constructed with Rocks and bult over a hill. Near the temple big square shaped pond is there named as "Toppakkulam" .This area is a big shopping corner ]

4. Srirangam Temple

[ Srirangam is the formost of the 8 self-manifested Shrines of Lord vishnu. It is also considered as the first the most important of the 108 main vishnu temples. ]

5. Thiruvanaikaval Temple

[ It is one of the famous Lord Shiva temple in Tamil Nadu. The temple is fully built by blak stone only with beautiful stone culpture , it is situated 5Km away from Trichy Town ]

6. Samayapuram Temple

[ The Maariamman temple at Samayapuram in the vicinity of Trichy ,is one of the well visited Shrines in Tamilnadu,dedicated to Maariamman. Maariamman ,a manifestation of the primeval energy shakti as the mother goddess ]

7. Kallannai Dam

[ It is one of the oldest dam in the world,built by Cholas dynesty . It is around 20 Km from Trichy Town ]

8. Mukkembu (Dam)

[ It is one of the famous picnic spot in trichy, Mukkembu means Trifercated,ie there the Kaveri water is splitted into three sections for irrigation purpose . It is 16 Km away from Trichy Town ]

9. Chithannavasal

[ Its one of the natural picnic spot in trichy district, Bhradeshwara temple is situated there and its located on the hill top. it is one of the famous Lord Shiva temple in Tamil Nadu. This place is famous for Herbal products and natural water falls ]